03 July 2004

Just For Today

Franz Kafka - powerful writer who wrote often about modern man's troublesome and freakish alienation in an ambiguous and indifferent world. I count the The Metamorphosis and The Trial as favorites among his works. While others loved and would cite Salinger's Catcher in the Rye as their favorites, I have always been proud to have read over and over his Metamorphosis when I was young.

Tom Stoppard - another writer who wrote mainly for TV, radio, theatre plays, and films. My favorite from him is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Tom Cruise - well, everyone knows who he is and I don't think I have to write anything about him.

These 3 people were born today. I think I also like this day. I would not tell you how many years ago, but I was also born today. I know I still have to give you guys loads of answers to your questions (especially from the last two posts), but I apologize and promise to answer all of them later. I'm taking a brief sabbatical...just for today.

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