04 July 2004

Must Be A Glitch

Screen Capture of my Weblog Yesterday

I have always wanted to have snow here in the Philippines. It will be quite a relief from all the heat we experience. In the past, I have heard of stories about snow falling in Paranaque City, which is south of the metropolis. Two of my nurses who live in Fairview, Quezon City, which is in northern Metro Manila, have also told me stories of how they woke up one morning finding snow and ice cubes in their backyards and rooks of their houses. Quite fascinating stories if you ask me, but in a tropical country like ours, how can you believe such stories? They strike me as purely anecdotal.

But today, a friend emailed me a screen capture of my weblog yesterday. It shows the right side of the screen when you are viewing my weblog. My weather icon is from The Weather News. It monitors the weather here in Manila every 3 hours. I do not know what kind of monitor they use, but it shows there that there was snow falling, right? The temp reads 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Can snow fall in the midst of that kind of temp? Or is it just a glitch?

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