25 August 2004

--- Remain Unsolved

As I type this post, it is raining kangaroos and hippos outside my abode. I have deviated from the "raining-cats-and-dogs" description because that adjective seems too simplistic from what's happening.

Since 1-2am this morning, torrential rains have started pouring. There is no typhoon. There is nothing our weather bureau has announced which can cause alarm.

BUT.....if you go outside, and I don't know HOW I can get out (I do not own a Humvee), the local AM radio describes most Metro Manila streets as submerged under flood waters.

What I can't believe is that Malacanang, DECS, CHED, MMDA, LGUs or whoever SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE about cancelling classes or work for the safety of everyone, is as puzzled as I am.

This is not the first time it happened. And they say EXPERIENCE is the BEST teacher. Hah! Not in these parts! No sir!!!

I remember my elementary days and it was always like this.

NO ONE has solved this problem that has caused so many flus, common colds, leptospirosis, and have I mentioned --- deaths?

I do not know what or who to blame anymore: the President, the MMDA chief, the DECS Secretary, the Mayor, the lowly Barangay Captain?

Who? You tell me.

The usual rule is leaving the discretion to cancel work and classes to the respective employers or school authorities. But do you know HOW CONFUSING THAT CAN BE?

This is a simple problem with a SIMPLE ANSWER. I need not insult the intellects of those concerned by spilling out the simple answer.

Oh, this post is long already and I have NOT discussed the other 2 SIMPLE problems.


But wait. If you cannot solve the FLOOD PROBLEM, should I expect the other two to get solved.

You tell me.

I'm getting incensed again.

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