30 October 2004

--- Doubled Leukemia Risk

Years back, I remember an Irish priest somewhere in Olongapo City protesting the construction of high-voltage electric lines near the homes of young children because of the cancer risks it brings. The Irish priest, Fr. Shay Cullen was a known defender of children's rights, and had a tough battle against businessmen and politicians as he tried to protect the children.

Fast-forward to the present, here comes a British study documenting Fr. Shay Cullen's assertion then that there is indeed a link that exists between increased incidence of childhood cancer and living near high-voltage electric power lines.

Children living near high-voltage powerlines may reportedly have double the risk of contracting cancer, new research suggests.

A Department of Health study indicates children living within 100 metres of high voltage electricity cables are more likely to suffer from leukaemia, The Times reports.

Seventy thousand children under the age of 15, half of whom had cancer, were studied as part of the research by the Childhood Cancer Research Group at Oxford University.

The newspaper said researchers were able to conclude that for a small number of children, high voltage electricity may have been a factor in their cancer.

The seven-year study was carried out by examining the prevalence of power cables near the children's homes. [Scotsman.com]

It seem powerlines are powerful enough to disrupt the DNAs of blood cells, and cause childhood leukemia.

Fr. Shay Cullen may have a point.

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