30 October 2004

--- Thank You!

Many readers of this weblog --- regular and new --- have been complaining through email that my former "yellow skin" looked horrible in certain browsers. The former skin looked optimal using Opera and IE, but when they used Netscape and Firefox, the words and letters stacked up one on top of the other. Most readers agreed that while my content was good, the terrible layout made it difficult for them to get my message across.

My former "yellow skin" is now in "ICU." One reader of mine well-versed in web design offered his help to fix and improve it. While waiting for results, a colleague advised I get a transition template at Noipo.org. I chose one template and let another friend tweak on it a bit to suit my taste and the flavor of this weblog, and voila! What you see now is my transition template. I agree with you, it looks better now and it's kinder to your eyes.

I'm sincerely thanking this man for providing me choices for this new transition template.

Most importantly, thanks to ALL OF YOU for continuing to read me. I promise to bring you the latest news in the health/medical world plus my comments on them. I hope to see you here more often.

From now on, this weblog looks readable whatever browser you use. The tweaking is still ongoing so you will notice changes from time to time.

If you have any observations, complaints, violent reactions, please let me know.

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