02 November 2004


It is almost 10:30pm Tuesday night here in Manila but in the US, it is almost 9:30am (EST) Tuesday morning. It is Election Day there and in the blogosphere, Tuesday also happens to be the day of the weekly Grand Rounds.

"Grand Rounds" is medspeak for a conference of physicians and other health personnel wherein interesting patient cases are discussed thoroughly, opinions on diagnosis, treatment, and clinical management are shared, all in the hope of improving the practice of Medicine.

Every week, on Tuesday mornings (evening here in Manila), different doctor-bloggers are assigned to host the medical blogosphere's Grand Rounds. This week, it is hosted by veteran medical blogger Dr. Sydney Smith of Medpundit.

One of my entries was included in the subject: "Sleepless Nights."

Since it's Election Day in the US, and to spice things up, Medpundit included a lovely painting on elections by the talented George Caleb Bingham. Congratulations to Dr. Smith for a wonderfully presented Grand Rounds.

Check out this week's Medical Weblog Grand Rounds.

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