25 November 2004


Thanks to Polo for this Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Filipino and American friends in the US.

Michigan is having its first taste of winter snow, and I do pray for a safe trip for family members flying in for a much needed vacation and reunion.

Just like our famed fiestas and Christmas Noche Buenas, Thanksgiving is also the time for overeating. Please watch what you eat. If you don't, it will sure show up in places you wouldn't want --- your tummy and waistline.

Remember that turkeys today are not like the turkeys of yesterday:

Most turkeys today are essentially industrial production-line models, bred over recent decades for quick growth and ample meat production. They have lost the ability to fly or even run, very different from those on farms in the past or the wily wild turkeys that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make America's national symbol.

[Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Nov 25 2004]

Eat wisely.

Be thankful for all the blessings.

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