21 November 2004


Recently, I've been getting emails (mostly from foreign readers of this weblog) regarding my Vitamin E post days ago.

Let me state that I did not intend to give Vitamin E a bad publicity. Vitamin E is not bad for the body and is actually an essential vitamin. That is why I titled my post in the form of a question: Vitamin E Kills?

Mic of Antifaust, a physician like me, in one of his posts about Vitamin E, says it is useless but not deadly. He says this as a matter of fact, because together with colleagues, he himself undertook a study about Vitamin E. Check out his post for more details.

In the spirit of fairness, I am posting links given to me by Mr. Bob Wooldridge of the blog RAW Data so you can get a balanced view of the issues about Vitamin E supplementation. Here are the links:
As for me, I stand by my opinion that the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for Vitamin E is still 10 mgs ATE. You can always get this from eggs, dairy products, vegetable oils, nuts, fruits, green leafy vegetables, and fortified cereals. There is no need to take high doses of Vitamin E.

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