16 December 2004


Upon reading the Sassy Lawyer's latest post asking for help with votes for the category Best Philippine Blog, I went on to Simon World Asiablog Awards site to vote for her. As I scrolled and perused the categories and nominees, I was surprised to see I was nominated for Best Asian Newcomer 2004 category.

I didn't know I was nominated and I don't know who nominated me, but thanks for the recognition. I browsed the rules on how to win and I learned that I need YOUR HELP in order to win. I also saw I was up against some worthy opponents from all over Asia.

Please help me and the Sassy Lawyer get the most number of votes in order to win in our respective categories.

PARALLEL UNIVERSES - vote for it as Best Asian Newcomer for 2004

Sassy Lawyer in Philippine Suburbia - vote for it as Best Philippine Blog
The rule on voting is simple and direct:

Vote ONLY ONCE everyday until December 31st.

Please vote for the Sassy Lawyer and yours truly.

Whatever the outcome, please accept my thanks in advance.

Click HERE NOW to vote for us starting today until the 31st of the month. Thank you very, very much.

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