14 December 2004


Welcome to the 12th edition of Grand Rounds, a weekly round-up of the best health-related posts from around the medical blogosphere. Parallel Universes is proud to be its first overseas host.

This week, you will all be treated to interesting posts covering current events and health issues, tips to improve the healing art of medicine, diagnostic tests and clinical procedure discussions, patient issues, and opinions on health care delivery.

  1. Current Events and Health Issues
  2. RangelMD ponders the fate of Ukrainian opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko as he tackles the intricacies of dioxin poisoning.

    Feeling gloomy with the coming holidays? Dr. Baker of Mental Notes assures you there's nothing unusual about it.

    Shrinkette, on the other hand, tells us that there's nothing spectacular about the increase in antidepressant use.

    Finally, Kevin MD gives us information on a case of left-sided facial droop, otherwise known as Bell's Palsy.

  3. Tips To Improve The Healing Art
  4. A collective effort by the Book of Joe, Cut-To-Cure, and medmusings reflects on Atul Gawande's New Yorker piece "The Bell Curve" and points out that the "goal of all physicians should be to shrink the distance between 'average' and 'excellent' to as narrow a range as possible."

    "Would a little pain in the doctor's life make him a more sympathetic healer?" It is The Cheerful Oncologist, who asks us all this very important question.

    Dr. Charles continues with his first med student series - part 4 - to show a medical student the value of a complete physical exam including genitals.

    Dr. Bob of The Doctor Is In wonders on "how the profession of medicine - whose core article of faith is healing and comfort of the sick --- could be so effortlessly transformed into a calculating instrument of judgment and death," in his post, "The Children Whom Reason Scorns."

    Maria of Intueri relates a moving personal experience on how we can learn from our mistakes in her wonderfully written post titled, "The Guillotine."

  5. Diagnostic Tests and Clinical Procedures
  6. MedRants discusses the significance of the Signal Detection Theory in association with mammography.

    The concept of individually tailored therapeutics has promise according to the MedPundit as she tackles a genetic test that can predict a patient's response to breast cancer chemotherapy.

    The Book of Joe shows us why intubating the trachea is deceptively simple and what possible problems may arise from this.

    Geena of CodeBlog ponders on the problems encountered about a pain scale used in healthcare.

    The Journal Club and the Chronicles of a Medical Mad House team up to comprehensively discuss defibrillator issues and inject humor and wit at the same time.

    Seadoc discusses the wonderful technology of biohybrid limbs and how it improves the patient's condition.

    Sumer's Radiology Site enlightens us on the radiologic picture of carcinoma of the esophagus

  7. Patient Issues
  8. The GruntDoc provides doctors and patients snippets of wisdom from the third series of his Word to the Wise. Read and learn!

    Diana of the Write Wing provides us a wonderful heart-lifting story between Grumpy and a wise kid with leukemia that ends in a happily-ever-after tone with a lesson in the end.

    Shrinkette comes back to discuss the doorknob phenomenon among patients and tips on how we can get more out of it.

    Knowing the true patient is the essence of the Morning Retort's post.

    A similar tone is echoed with Confessions over at the Vertical Mattress.

  9. Health Care Delivery Opinions
  10. An undesirable feature of national health care is discussed by the Interested Participant.

    The Tenn Care nightmare is lamented and discussed over at Isemmelweis.

    Finally, the Hospice Blog ponders on how the hospice community in general is doing at taking care of AIDS patients.

That's all folks. Next Tuesday, tune in again as Grand Rounds #13 continues over at Code Blue Blog.

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