31 December 2004


Are you the type of man who prefers subordinate women as partners in life? If so, then you better read this.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) --- Men would rather marry their female assistants than equal-ranking women or their supervisors, according to social psychologists.

The results are based on a study of men's ratings of imaginary women with different job titles, during which they judged them according to their appeal as a one-night stand, friend, or long-term partner.

Men's preferences for less-dominant women may be rooted in evolution, the researchers suggest.

"Males who preferred to mate with relatively subordinate partners --- as opposed to higher dominance partners --- may have been better able to limit the chance --- or amount --- of paternal uncertainty, either by preventing their partner from having sex outside of the partnership or by being able to closely monitor their partner's sexual behavior for possible infidelity," write Stephanie L. Brown and Brian P. Lewis.

In contrast, for women, a man's status had no influence on his desirability as a partner.

[Reuters Health]

My friend BatJay has another funny post today about infidelity among couples with focus on wives' cheating on their husbands --- the local vulgar term is torotot.

Once more, as with other studies like this, the usual explanation is evolution.

Men prefer subordinate women because they don't want to be cheated on. The scientific explanation used in the study is "to limit the chance of paternal uncertainty."


Based on the study, the assumptions are that there seems to be a higher likelihood that men can control and prevent subordinate women's cheating ways. There was no elaboration, however, how men can accomplish this. My guess is by imposing fear on his partner, or by installing surveillance devices around his house, or by hiring a private detective to monitor the moves of his wife. It sounds more and more amusing if you will permit me to exercise my imagination.

Whatever the case, men do not want to be cheated on. And that's the main reason why they'd rather hook up with a subordinate woman as their lifetime partner.

As for women, that's another story that requires another post. They have different reasons for picking their men.

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