11 December 2004


The current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine has an excellent photo essay on how American doctors care for the wounded in Iraq. Please check it out. Not for those with weak stomachs, ok?

Click this link for an overview of the photos.

Seeing these images made me amazed at how efficient and how advanced American doctors are taking care of wounded American soldiers in Iraq. Sure, many might still say it's a war that shouldn't have began in the first place, but that is the past. We are in the present, so deal with it.

All I can say is that the doctors there are doing a great job in making the war more bearable, no matter how needless its causes. I salute the American doctors there and I say keep up the good work!

Chemical and biologic protective shelter, which can be inflated in 15 minutes and used as an operating room.

X-ray image of mangled leg from blast injury.

The photo essay in full is here. Again, I warn those with weak stomachs not to go further, ok?

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