15 January 2005


A study from the current issue of the Lancet says:
"The estimated total number of adults with hypertension in 2000 was 972 million (957-987 million); 333 million (329-336 million) in economically developed countries and 639 million (625-654 million) in economically developing countries. The number of adults with hypertension in 2025 was predicted to increase by about 60 percent to a total of 1.56 billion (1.54-1.58 billion)."
2025 is twenty years from now. Twenty years is a lot of time for us to prepare and prevent such a horrific increase in high blood pressure or hypertension. This malady is the most common factor contributing to early death among adults. It has been found to increase the risks of potentially fatal clinical conditions like cardiovascular and kidney disease, as well as stroke events.

Another alarming point in the study is that the great majority (up to a whopping 80 percent!) of those affected will come from economically developing countries like the Philippines.

Major factors contributing to high blood pressure include obesity, not eating the right food items, and a high alcohol consumption.

Would you like to be counted among those billion hypertensives on 2025? If not, you can do something today for yourself and for your family. Begin making those lifestyle changes NOW.

High blood pressure questions? Here's an excellent reference.

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