19 January 2005


All's well that ends well. The results are out.

After counting and deliberating on the massive votes it received, the 2004 Best New Medical Blog award went to Cancer Blog and yours truly at 2nd place.

For my friends and readers who voted for me and who wonder why I did not win when I was leading miles away when the polls closed, I understand that this is Dr Mike Ostrovsky's way of adjusting the votes after he claimed there were cases of "vote tampering" and "cookie-dropping".

As I've said before, win or lose, I will continue blogging about medical and health updates and sharing them with you.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped me not just in the MedBlog Awards but also in winning the Best Newcomer Award in the 2004 Asia Blog Awards
  • Bayi - my dear friend from Malaysia who tirelessly provides me with regular vote updates and went out of his way to campaign for me even though he was tired from office work every day

  • the Sassy Lawyer and PinoyBlog - for expressing full support, campaigning for me, and defending me against the false accusations

  • Ting-Aling - compatriot from abroad who is very supportive of this blog since she discovered it,

  • Jing of TransFilipina - from Germany who campaigned hard and encouraged everyone to visit and vote for my blog,

  • KiwiPinay - from New Zealand who took time off from hunting for a new home to get campaign and get votes for me

  • Ate Sienna and the Pansitan Network - for efficiently giving the boost when it was needed, and being there to campaign every day until the polls closed

  • Sachiko - from Japan who also supported and helped me

  • Stan of Canada who voted for me and keeps inspiring me with his good words

  • Tito Rolly and Joyce Jimenez - for clarifying matters on the polls, for the kind words, and also delivering a good number of votes care of their friends and students

  • BongK and the rest of my BloggingBerks - who voted even if he was in Jakarta, and supporting my blog through thick and thin

  • my soulmate and godmother Carol - for campaigning hard in their respective departments to vote for this weblog

  • my classmates, friends, new friends, fellow bloggers, and colleages - here and abroad (you know who you are) who were there to support and follow-up the updates on the polls (both Asian and Medblogs)

  • lastly, to Dr Mike Ostrovsky - who did a selfless job by hosting this year's MedBlog Awards
Let me also express my congratulations to the other medblog winners like GruntDoc, CodeBlueBlog, and symtym for winning in their respective categories.

I thank God most of all for another opportunity of learning a new experience. These were simple polls --- it wasn't the Nobel or the Oscars or the Grammies --- but hey, I observed that it was sufficient to bring forth the best and worst in people. I have many lessons learned, and for that fact alone, I am most thankful.

See you around.

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