22 March 2005

Chewing Gum and Bigger Breasts

I thought the health news article was trying to be catchy or funny to get readers' attention. I looked again. It wasn't kidding. It was serious --- chewing a certain gum seems to enhance not just the size of a women's breasts, but also its shapes and overall tone.


Chewing Gum Increases
Size of Breasts, Japan
21 Mar 2005

A chewing gum which contains extracts from the Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua) plant, makes a woman's breasts grow as well as improving their shape and tone, says B2UP, the makers of its Bust-Up gum.

The company also claims the gum fights ageing, reduces stress and helps your circulation. They say the extracts keep your muscles in good order.

Pueraria mirifica is indigenous to Thailand and Burma and has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal purposes. The plant contains phytoestrogens, a chemical which acts in a similar way to oestrogen.

Bust-Up gum has become extremely popular in Japan.

[Medical News Today]

Two other respected news sources carried the same health news here and here.

I did some research on Pueraria mirifica, and found out that it is indeed an indigenous herb of the hard vine variety found in Thailand, and is known there as the white Kwao Krua. It has been around for several years now and has made its presence felt in breast enhancement creams, vaginal gels, and yes, lately in chewing gum form in Japan. It has also been used to improve sexual function in women.

According to another news report, "Bust-Up gum, made by the Japanese company B2Up, has been the big hit at the country's Tokyo Health Fair."

Japanese girls are chewing their way to bigger breasts, can you believe that?

Bust-Up gum has a website here, if you want to check it out. Be sure you know some Japanese, because it is written in Japanese.

I've heard of chewing gum as an aid to weight reduction, quitting of smoking, and other less mentioned benefits but this is my first time to hear about its influence on breast enhancement.

As always, I am skeptical about news items like this. I would suggest more studies be done. I have several unanswered questions:
  • Does it have side effects?
  • Is it better than soya or soya-based products?
  • How large is the sample size used in the previous studies which claimed that this was indeed an effective breast enhancer?
  • Does it really lessen menopausal symptoms?
I'm also pretty sure that even before my questions and skepticism can be addressed, many young women would rather have the experiment done on their own and see the results for themselves.

Why do women want bigger breasts? Ooopps...sorry for asking. That would probably be another discussion in another post. Then again, maybe not.