16 March 2005

One Big Happy Family




From seven members last December 2004 to a dynamic thirty-three members today, a simple egroup has evolved into an intense and hyperactive community-blog called The Rebels Without Because or simply "blogkadahan."

I am honored to be part of this group. Most observers say that the Net cannot replace the intimacy of human contact, and if you want to spruce up on your interpersonal activities, you better start going out and begin meeting real people.

"Get a life."


"Get yourself a date."

"Party on weekends," as they say.

But you and I know that hindrances abound. There's always work to be done, wide distances to be covered, and time considerations. If you wish to call long distance often, you better have a fat wallet to pay the monthly phone bills. If you rely on mailing letters, it might take you forever to get a reply.

Being a part of the blogkadahan disolves all those hindrances. For the first time, I can tell you that there is LIFE on the Net. The blogkada is always teeming with life. We are alive 24/7. We are one big, happy family. Most of the "family members" are here in Manila, but you can find other family members in California, Boston, New Jersey, North Carolina, Canada, Belgium, Germany, England, New Zealand, Singapore, and Japan.

Today marks the day of a full circle for our community blog. All members have posted their introductory posts, and we plan to continue posting on interesting topics. Be sure to visit us for your daily dose of Pinoy humor, drama, and love stories.

See you there.

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