16 August 2005


There's one thing positive I see with all these news of worldwide oil/fuel price increases.
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said on Saturday that drastic energy conservation measures must be enforced to deal with the looming oil crisis brought about by the steady increase in crude prices in the world market.

Arroyo also suggested that the people use bicycles or walk instead of taking a ride when going to nearby places.

"It's really better if people ride the bike like in other countries such as China, where many people use it," Arroyo said in a radio interview.

[ OSAC Global Security News and Reports, Aug 13 2005 ]

Back in November last year, gas prices were in the P28-P29 per liter range. These days, it's in the P32-P33 per liter levels, and if the VAT reform law gets fully enforced, there's this grim scenario that a liter of gasoline might cost more than P40 per liter.

So, I agree with this walking/bicycle proposal of the President.

Click here to see most of the positive consequences of this proposal.

But wait....shouldn't the government solve or minimize this problem first, before we start walking or bicycling?

5 reactions:

Toni said...

I agree!!! It's even more dangerous to walk along the sidewalks because of the bumps and the dips and the garbage scattered all over. Going pedestrian is a double whammy.

sharima said...

Yan (walking) daw ang gagawin namin ni "el ham" mamaya sa UP as part of our deal to exercise more and lose a few pounds. hehehe... this "walking exercise" has been postponed for the last two weeks due to the weather and other excuses.

Dr. Emer said...

Our leaders are good at offering alternatives not carefully thought of, Toni.

Anicee, I hope you make it regular.

Rygel said...

Unfortunately they're not doing anything about the air pollution that will harm those who are walking (although if everyone did walk that would mean less pollution)

bayi said...

I notice that the more affluent Asians have a habit of using the car all the time. They want to park near their destination and if possible use the lift or escalator. Perhaps it's because of the humid weather.

Walk more. Park your car further away (and perhaps save some money) if you have to use the car. Walk a kilometer or two is no big deal and it's healthy too!

To save gas, car-pool when you can. You get company too apart from saving on gas.