27 March 2006

Healthy Ham and Bacon Soon Available

Scientists from Pittsburgh have recently cloned pigs whose meat are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the kind of healthy fat you get from fish and walnuts.
WASHINGTON [Reuters, Mar 26, 2006] - U.S. scientists said on Sunday they had genetically engineered pigs that make beneficial fatty acids and may one day serve as a healthier source of pork chops or bacon.

The pigs produced omega-3 fatty acids, compounds that have been shown to improve cardiac function and reduce the risk of heart disease in people.

The only way now for humans to get omega-3s is through taking dietary supplement pills or by eating certain fish. Some fish, however, may have high levels of toxic mercury.

This will make many heart and stroke patients happy. I hope this becomes available soon. Make it affordable, too, so every one can literally pig out. 'Kidding.

5 reactions:

rolly said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! sana sing sarap ng original na ham and bacon no.

Sidney said...

Amazing, isn't it !

ipanema said...

Not everyone will be happy. How about our Muslim brothers? They can't take this.

Any HALAL alternative? :)

eye said...

ahahaha! parang dininig ang panalangin ko ah hehe! makakakain na ulit ako ng ham & bacon :D

ipanema said...

lol eye. Here's what you've been waiting for. Read here.