23 March 2006

On Quitting Smoking

When it comes to smoking, who do you think is better at quitting?
A. Older men
B. Older women
C. Younger men
D. Younger women

You can find the answer here.

Now, the next question is why?

Years ago, the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) Philippine Chapter conducted a youth tobacco study among nearly 3,000 respondents (average of 13 years old) here in Metro Manila, and found that majority began smoking in their early teens. The primary reason cited was peer influence. The youngest smoker in the survey was 4 years old, and 15 percent said they began smoking before they reached 10.

"Start them young," as they say.

The problem with beginnings are endings. Since smoking is addicting, and peer influence is high around here, quitting is the option no one considers. Well, probably not until they get really terrifying warning signs like a lung cancer, or a COPD diagnosis. By that time, whatever rewards they get are nothing compared to the benefits they would have achieved had they not become smokers in the first place.

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