18 May 2006

Internet Addiction

Are you addicted to the Internet? How will you know? Answer some of these questions:
  1. Do you think about the internet all the time, even when you're offline?

  2. Do you feel a need to use the internet with increasing amounts of time in order to achieve satisfaction?

  3. Do you have an inability to control your internet use?

  4. Do you feel restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop Internet use?

  5. Do you use the internet as a way of escaping from problems or of relieving a poor mood (feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety or depression)?

  6. Do you lie to family members or friends to conceal the extent of involvement with the internet?

  7. Do you jeopardize or risk the loss of a significant relationship, job, educational or career opportunity because of the Internet?

  8. Do you keep returning even after spending an excessive amount of money on on-line fees?

  9. Do you go through withdrawal when offline (increased depression, anxiety)?

  10. Do you stay on-line longer than originally intended?

If you answered "yes" to any four or more of the questions above, you maybe a strong candidate for having internet addiction. The questions above are from psychologist Kimberly S. Young's screening test outlined in her book "Caught in the Net --- How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction and a Winning Strategy for Recovery."
Signs and symptoms of Internet addiction include a general disregard for health and appearance; sleep deprivation due to spending so much time online; and decreased physical activity and social interaction with others. Dry eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, and repetitive motion injuries of the hands and fingers are common.

Internet addicts may also get the "cyber shakes" when off line, exhibiting agitation and typing motions of the fingers when not at the computer.

[Reuters Health, 17 May 2006]

10 reactions:

ipanema said...

lol! Guilty as charge! I said no to 4 questions. I know I'm an internet addict. I was in the late 90s with different nick. It looks like I'm coming back but this time around it's a lot different, I know how to control. I don't have to defend myself, but here's my side. <<-- am defending already. :)


1. I have typing work to do (take home work I have to finish). There's no need for an online connection here, right? But my fingers couldn't resist. Likewise, I read online.

2. My internet connection in ON 24 hrs a day. It's a package that I signed. I pay $98/mth, whether I use it or not. The server is on all the time. Reason why I can afford to listen radio online.

3. My husband is geographically not here. All you married guys out there, do you let your wife use the net for longer hours? NO. It's just that he is not here. My small freedom and I'm loving it, lol. Ooops, I dont chat with anyone, ok? My messenger is always on to warn me of new msgs.

He knows I'm blogging. I only have one condition with him which I wrote on my blog. :)

4. My location. If you live in the mountains (a very expensive one at that!) where there's almost no social life, what other activities would you do? Good, I still have my dance, gym, church & my teenage children.

What I do after coming back home from work is get some sleep which helps me a lot. I still go to work looking pretty and feeling beautiful. In my job, I have to be groomed.

I receive some emails asking who I really am and my location. Sorry, but I hope you'll respect my privacy. Only my husband, mother and sisters know of my online presence. Not my brothers though, so hush. :) On the other hand, I consider my posts in RxPinoy Forum my outreach programme, lol. You guys are welcome to read and comment. At least I'm sharing it. One thing though, I'm learning a lot and I'm up to date. I don't find it a waste of time and my job is not jeopardised.


Confessions of a net addict (lol)

ipanema said...

corrections: I said YES to 4. :)

Moof said...

Foregone conclusion .... the only ones I didn't answer yes to were:

4)... simply because I'm not attempting to cut down ... ;o)

6) All of us here are addicted. We each have at least 2 computers connected to the internet!

My bad ... >;o)

ipanema said...

lol Moof, that's true. We have some form of addiction, degree varies though.

bayibhyap said...

Yes. No explanation needed as to why I am so involved with using the net. I am jsu addicted. LOL.

psyche said...

5 of em was yes for me... hehe so hindi pa naman hihi

ipanema said...

naku psyche, sabi ni Dr. Emer, if you say yes to 4 daw, candidate ka...on queue. :)

Ang-ang said...

im afraid maybe im an internet addict.

bayibhyap said...

having said that i am addicted, i can also live without it for days. though i will miss it, i won't be too uncomfortable without it. :)

Sidney said...

No doubt about it. I am addicted to the internet!
Dr. Emer, what is the cure?