20 May 2006

Medpundit Bids Adieu

Here's something that is totally the opposite of what I posted last time.

Dr. Sydney Smith, a practicing American family physician who is also a friend and the writer behind the pioneering medblog, Medpundit, has finally posted her last post two days ago. I read it only yesterday morning from GruntDoc.

Medpundit cites lack of time for family, and added work hours as reasons for quitting the blogosphere. She will surely be missed by many medbloggers who have looked up to her as an inspiration (including me).

Time indeed becomes a rare commodity when you are passionate about what you do. I share her sentiments. There was a time when I used to blog daily, but work has a unique way of robbing the pleasure one gets from blogging. I would be lying if I said I never contemplated on quitting myself.

I do pray it is not her final decision. She gives excellent insights on almost any medical issue and current health studies. I hope she still blogs. It need not be regular. It can be once a week or even once a month.

I won't say goodbye, Medpundit.....I'd rather say I would wait until you can blog again. Godspeed!

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ipanema said...

I read it through KevinMD and included her in yesterday's blog.
What draws me to her blog is her no non-sense comments. Style, lay-out of her blog is simple but it's her words that would make one continue reading. I'm very selective in what I read, and hers was one of the favourites though I've been in blogosphere for only 3 months.

As I've said in my post, I was happy of her decision because she found that she's got a life to live. The mere gesture of her son on Mother's Day, blew her. That was good awakening. That's why I always keep my mind open. Who knows maybe tomorrow I'll be off because honestly, I DO HAVE A LIFE other than blogging like most of all of us do.

The only thing with posting once a week or once a month is that high possibility of losing redearship. Cyberspace is huge and there are thousands of bloggers there. Once you can't update, there goes your audience. Even if you'll come back, they'll lose interest because they've found other blogs.

ipanema said...

2nd para, last sentence: ...like all of us do. :)

Dr. Emer said...

Ah...readership, blog traffic, the other aspects of blogging. When I decided to blog, I never thought of capturing a certain group of readers. I just told myself that I will write. If readers come and read what I wrote, that will be a perk.

Unlike full-time bloggers, I think there should be a certain level of understanding for working doctors who blog on the side. I think they should at least be given some allowance and not be expected to post as regularly as other bloggers do.

I hope you don't quit soon, Ipanema. You are just beginning the blogging adventure. :)

ipanema said...

lol Doc. I like to browse and post comment BUT to keep my blog? Taxing. That's why I don't go for a particular theme. I have a general theme because it's a personal blog. So don't ask me about focus. I've said I've defied blogging rules. What I'm keeping is a journal of whatever I like to say for a particular day.

Don't you know that it's you and that sculpture of Britney Spears who made me sign up for an account? lol. I wanted to comment, my fingers were itchy to type and you don't have option for Anon comments! Gosh, I was fuming mad. :)

Dr. Emer said...

I feel honored that it was my Britney post that got you here. :)

I'm not asking you to focus. Just blog about what comes to mind. No pressure here for you. Relax. :)

I used to allow anonymous comments. But abusive spammers are rampant. I had to do something.

ipanema said...

I understand about spammers, really undesirable characters.

What I mean by focus is theme of the blog. My interest is somewhere else, not health. It's just because I've been in and out of the hospital that I seek for answers. It's what takes me to blogosphere. :) In other health blogs that I go to, mostly I just read, what do I know about medicine? Only that I've upgraded myself from medicol to cytoxan. I dont have cancer by the way. But I needed that for my illness. Took it for 5 months. I hope no side effects. But I've been warned. No worries, I'm not about to sue my doctor for malpractice. lol

rolly said...

well, I hope you don't quit blogging doc. Unbeknownst to you, you have helped a lot of people through your very informative blog and your very patient responses to queries posed as a result of the blog or sometimes even unrelated to it. Promise to keep this blog going, okay?

bayibhyap said...

hi ipanema

don't quit, ok? you're doing all right by our books. i enjoy your posts and comments.

ipanema said...

hi Bayi, lol. I love typing and reading comments, no doubt about that. I dont have time to keep my blog. :(

thanks anyway, i enjoy good and engaging posts and comments from you and all the regulars here.

where's boisterous sidney? wifey probably kept his laptop. :)

Sidney said...

I guess she was addicted to blogging so she will be back sooner or later... ;-)

ipanema said...

Oh here you are, I just hollered a while ago. Then you went to Lands End, then here. :)

You guess so? I think she'll post comments or guest blog, but maintain a blog? Don't think so.

bayibhyap said...

Everyone wonders why I make so much noise (post so many comments) and yet do not keep a blog. I think the answer is obvious. I know my limitations. I just can't discipline myself with the little time I have.

It's easier to comment on others' posts. You don't have to organize yourself so much.