25 September 2006

Eddie Mercado's "Key-Kwan"

Key-Kwan. Key-Kwan!!! Key-Kwan???

Sadness and happiness rolled into one
Frustration wrapped in one capsule
Irony of ironies, Oh Fate so cruel!
You were the Master of your craft
Your words and your voice made
Acclaim, fortune, and beauty
Haunt you endlessly
To you, emceeing was child's play
Suave, cool, decent, and refreshing
Everyone was under your spell
But good things end
A gaping void now remains
Crestfallen with your extinction,
We bid you ---
Good night, Eddie
Rest well

I do not know Eddie Mercado personally but I knew him as a high-spirited and cultivated emcee of beauty contests and singing tournaments since I was a kid. Whoever coined the term, 'master of ceremonies' must have had him in mind. He was truly a master at what he did.

So I thought the Fates must have really played a sarcastic stunt when I saw him early this month on TV suffering from Wernicke's Aphasia.

"Not this man," I said to myself then. As it is, Wernicke's Aphasia is already a sorry complication of any cerebral stroke, but for it to happen to someone who considered talking his main occupation, that is sooo humbling. Match this symptom with a right-sided weakness and paralysis (face and limbs included) and you know that without a strong family support, these will be enough to break the will to live of any strong man.

"Key-Kwan, Key-Kwan!" He always said that. I do not know what it means. I bet neither do you. His family tried to understand it, but I think it was him alone who truly understood what it meant. Wernicke's aphasia is a sensory aphasia --- patients usually talk in unintelligible words, but in their minds they think what they're saying is correct.

Today is exactly one week after his demise. My heart goes with him and the family he left. It was a life well-lived. He inspired and made a lot of people happy.

"Key-Kwan," Eddie. Godspeed on your journey.

12 reactions:

Raul Fernandez said...

Hey mush, havent heard about wernicke's aphasia since our good old neuro internship days with Dr Cuanang, when we were told that we might just miss the boat!!!Look where you are now.

Dr. Emer said...

Welcome, Raul! I think it was you and the good eye doctor who missed the boat with Dr. Cuanang during that preceptorship round. Wernicke's aphasia is truly a humbling experience. Thanks for dropping by!

rolly said...

Nice tribute to a man who filled our lives with happiness during the 70's. Yes, he was suave and a gentleman. Sometimes, nature plays with us and that was not an easy joke played on this man. The sad thing is we too are going to get old and who knows what kind of affliction we shall suffer. Hopefully, none.

ipanema said...

Oh, sad to read this. I like this man and he's articulate. It's sad that he suffered that illness. Anyway, May he rest in peace!

MommyBa said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that he already passed away. He's one of the best hosts we had in the Philippines. I do remember him to be the #1 choice to host beauty pageants.

Thanks for sharing with us the link about Wernicke's Aphasia. It's the first time that I heard of it. It's always a learning experience whenever I visit your blog.

bing said...

life can be very much a dramatic irony. what happens to our lives sometimes is unfathomable only God can tell why. and to die can be peace at times.

Eddie Mercado is very good in his feat. let all remember him with that..

toni said...

Oh my, how ironic. =(

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Eddie's wife's sister and on behalf of my sister and her kids, thank you for a lovely tribute. 2 years of suffering and not being what he used to be is quite a long time. For those who commented, we thank you for your kind words. He's in a better place and is at peace. Thank you for your thoughts.

Dr. Emer said...

To the sister of Eddie's wife:

This is the least I can do for him. Yes, he is in a better place now. We continue to pray for him. I'm happy you were able to visit and reply to those who condoled here.

milkphish said...

so sad to hear about this. he was always dapper and gregarious. i went to school with his daughter bobby since kinder.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Eric Mercado. I'm his youngest son. I didn't know that you published such a clear and thoughtful message about my father until this day. So i would just like to say thank you. He really was a great person. He is a legend and He was an amazing father and we all miss him so.

Again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

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