27 September 2006

Crazy Dares

Would you eat these Madagascar hissing cockroaches so you can win an "instant place at the front of the line for some of Six Flags Great America’s most popular rides?"

If you can eat more than 36 cockroaches, you get to break the world record and earn more perks, like unlimited 1-year (2007) access to the theme park for you and your friends.

Because Madagascar hissing cockroaches are large insects (2-3 inches!) and squirm a lot, I think you should have a big mouth and excellent chewing skills to kill and swallow them immediately. Park officials even add that these roaches are nutritious --- rich in protein and low in fat.

PETA, a group concerned with the ethical treatment of animals (including roaches) is currently protesting this daring stunt offer.

Me? No, thanks! I don't dig thrill rides. Neither do I relish myself becoming famous as a devourer of gentle and docile roaches. *LOL*

How about you?

If you're interested about these hissing roaches from Madagascar, there's an excellent article about them here.

4 reactions:

ann said...

No Thanks! I hate seeing cockroaches what more eating them....hehehe.

ipanema said...

this sent shivers down my spine. i don't care if they're low in everything. i'll pass. :)

bayi said...

Ugghh!! I'll probably vomit myself silly before even swallowing the first one!

I though I was a little hungry just now but I certainly don't feel like eating anything now!

Toni said...

Eek! No way. No way. No way.