16 September 2006

Sabio's Blood Pressure

The man in the picture above is an important public official here in the Philippines. Recently, he has been arrested and detained by Senate officials because of his refusal to attend an investigation about alleged misuse of funds. Now, I'm not going to dissect the intricacies of that investigation nor comment on how well the Senators are squeezing truths or lies out of him. What I'm concerned about is his health status.

The picture above was taken inside the Senate clinic by a PDI photographer and appeared only on the printed copy of the newspaper. The detained public official is still detained at the Senate clinic as of this writing, and news reports have described his blood pressure readings as "unstable."

It was 130/90 about 11 p.m. Tuesday [Sept.12] and 140/100 on Wednesday morning [Sept.13], according to the Manila Times account. The INQ7 report said it even shot to 160/100 upon his arrest.

"I know that this man is not physically sick," according to Senator Gordon, the other man in the picture, and the one doing the investigation who has called the detained official delusional and a great actor.

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint Senator Gordon. But I think the man is sick. The unstable blood pressure might already be a hypertensive episode.

Look at the picture carefully. What do you see? I see a polo shirt being stretched to its limits at the abdominal area. Does he have a big tummy? Is he centrally obese? Is there a connection between central obesity and high blood pressure? Quick! Let's see this man's lipid profile and fasting blood sugar levels!

Does he have metabolic syndrome? I bet he does. It will not be a surprise if he's a diagnosed diabetic already.

Get him to a hospital, Senators. Cut him some slack, will you? I know you might think it's a lame excuse if indeed, this man is guilty as you say. But with the kinds of possible diseases he might already have by now, I think justice has already been served.

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Tani said...

i agree with you, doc. that's what i see when i see bulging tummies/super-sized beer bellies such as his'...

Sidney said...

Did you noticed that a lot of people who needs to appear before the senate got problems with their blood pressure? I think it was the same with a high ranking general and with one anti gloria senator/congressman.
This is not coincidental anymore.
Maybe there is a dangerous correlation between politics, good food, corruption(?) and high blood pressure! ;-)

Dr. Emer said...

TANI: This seems to be the perennial waterloo of most men. Not just Filipinos.

SIDNEY: There certainly IS a connection, I bet! *LOL*

Moof said...

Politics, good food and corruption? Tied to blood pressure? Hmmm ...

*looks at all of her HTN meds*

Um ... can't we just say it's tied to good food and leave it at that? >;o)

bing said...

i think it is best that they first take them to the hospital. what if he's really sick?

ipanema said...

Based on his BP readings, there's certainly wrong with the man. Will Gordon conclude that unstable BP readings is part of being delusional and a great actor? Looking at his tummy will tell anyone that he's not physically fit. What a fool (sorry for the language).

bayi said...

I am surprised that Senator Gordon made those statements. He spoke as though he was a qualified doctor. Even detainees and convicts are entitled to medical care.

But in situations like this, I am afraid Senator Richard Gordon's allegation that the detainee was a good actor and that he was in good health may find agreement in the minds of many who are not particularly sympathetic with public officials who abuse taxpayers' money. The people are upset and may subconsciously be more inclined to teach the public official a lesson. This is wrong and a prolonged status quo of the unstable blood pressure may lead to the other organs of the body being affected.

I am all for medical care for the detainee.

Dr. Emer said...

MOOF: That's not you! *LOL*

BING: Trust me, he IS sick.

IPANEMA: The good senator is not a doctor. We must forgive him. ;)

BAYI: As I said, the man's 'potential' ailments are sufficient punishment (if he is indeed guilty).

sachiko said...

oh,all the corrupt officials in the Phil.have this look! disgusting!

bayi said...

Unfortunately in this instance Senator Gordon's righteous indignation is misplaced. He is blinded to the detainee's potential health condition.

Dr. Emer said...

SACHIKO: Corrupt or not, we should get this man into a hospital. He's a 70-year-old male with a possible heart condition and probably a diabetic.

BAYI: Frustration can do that to you, I guess.

Amadeo said...

My feelings about this are with the good doctor host. I know Camilo's family and his younger siblings. We all grew up in the old hometown of Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao.

And I have always known them as men of high integrity. If people doubt, they can always ask around. His younger brother is a justice of the Court of Appeals there in Manila. Their father was also a municipal judge. Another younger brother is a doctor who should also be able to tell interrogators a thing or two about family health conditions, from a very personal perspective.

Or maybe, they can also ask Sen. Nene Pimentel, who may be able to vouch for him on a thing or two, after all they also grew up together going to the same school.

Dr. Emer said...

The Senators have already agreed to release Mr. Sabio, and he left the Senate Clinic this morning with a BP of 130/90. He is now confined at the Makati Medical Center for an executive check-up.

On integrity issues, I believe that Sabio's in-laws, the Ledonios, will not agree with you, Amadeo. Read here.

I think Sen. Nene is a distant cousin of Mr. Sabio. He visited him in the Senate last Sunday.