05 September 2006

Take BatJay Home

BatJay is a name well-known in the Filipino blogosphere. Blogging since September 2001, he is one of those who inspired me to write my own blog. His antics, adventures, and misadventures began years ago when he was still in Singapore. He is widely-read by most Filipinos, both here and abroad, as he has this unique talent of highlighting the humorous in ordinary things, from commuting in trains in Singapore to undergoing emergency appendectomies while visiting the Philippines.

He wrote me an email days ago to say that his select adventures is now in a book. Recently launched in the just-concluded International Book Fair, BatJay's first book is called Kwentong Tambay. I seldom do promotions in my blog, even if they are my friends, but this is one book I think you shouldn't miss. If you're like me who's always busy, and has no time to bloghop to favorite sites, Kwentong Tambay, the book, is surely a welcome companion to help in removing the stress of daily work. Buy the book (I hear it sells for P100 each only) in your nearest bookstore, and enjoy a hearty laugh.

UPDATES FROM JAY: Regarding the book's availability - Update #1: habang hinihintay ang pag approve ng pagbenta ng libro sa mga bookstore sa maynila, ang Filbars ay pumayag nang ibenta ang libro sa lahat ng mga branches nila. Sabi nila by Friday, September 8 ay available na ito.

Update #2: pwedeng rin nga palang dumiretso sa publisher at bumili ng book doon. heto ang contact persons, phone number at address nila:
Publishing Company: PSICOM
Contact persons: Sarah Grutas or Arnel Gabriel
Phone Numbers: 912-3085 or 911-3196Address:
6 Yale St., Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Update #3: bukas po, friday, sisimulan nang ideliver sa mas maliliit na bookstores ang kwentong tambay: sa filbar's, booksale, fully booked and mag:net.

5 reactions:

Tani said...

will see if i can get the book. will see if i can bloghop at his blog. since it's highly recommended, i'll surely try. :) support filipino writers if for no other reason...

Ann said...

wow! Batjay everywhere. I also read his blog specially when i'm feeling sad.

I remember one of his posts, the 10 ways how to commit suicide, i liked his #10-"Magkulong ka sa kwarto at makinig ng kanta ni April Boy." hehehe..suicidal pala yun.

MommyBa said...

I asked my Dad to buy me the book and send it over here to me.

BatJay said...

doc emer.

thank you very much for featuring the book in your blog. i am deeply honored. sana balang araw ay mapantayan ko ang iyong magandang loob.

iba ka talaga.


Dr. Emer said...

Thanks, Tani, Ann, and MommyBa! As what I always advice, laughter is indeed one of the best medicines around. BatJay can promise you that in that book of his! :)

Walang anuman, Jay. It's not a big deal. Had I learned about this on my own, I will still promote it here. You're the man! Congratulations again. :)