07 November 2006

The Jet-Lagged Old Mouse

.....has a shorter life. He dies sooner than expected.

This is what scientists recently found after they tested 100 mice by subjecting them to live on confusing schedules of light and darkness.

The test represented the stress of travel on long international flights, as well as the punishing rotating shifts of certain occupations (think doctors and nurses in a hospital, for example).
They found that 83 percent of old mice survived under the normal schedule, 68 percent lived after eight weeks of shifting steadily backward, but fewer than half --- 47 percent --- survived when the lights regularly came on six hours earlier.

When they speeded the schedule up, changing the light schedule every four days, even more mice died.

[SOURCE: REUTERS, 06 Nov 2006 ]

In any profession, I think a gentler working schedule benefits both worker and customers. It also improves the quality of service being rendered.

Isn't it about time that companies and bosses start thinking about re-engineering working schedules?

3 reactions:

rolly said...

I agree! How about a flexi time where you're not enslaved by that time clock as long as you give quality time and service to the company?

Anonymous said...

how about those people working in call centers? i know they work on shifting scehdules.

Jdavies said...

I'd be the happiest if I can work from home or mobile! come on we have wifi now and we got the technology!