10 November 2006

Friday Five # 3

Welcome to the third edition of Friday Five! We have missed two Fridays not having this regular fare. My apologies for being busy lately. Here are my top 5 recommended websites for this week:
  1. Bored Out of Your Mind? - this exciting website offers a selection of Arcade Style Games, The Best of Google Video, miscellaneous time killers, and links to other great sites to vist when you're bored.

  2. Latest Health News - gives you the latest breaking health news headlines plus other health-realated items.

  3. Bunny Theatre - these are varied 30-second bunny parodies of famous films and shows you are familiar with. It guarantees to make you laugh after a stressful day.

  4. Study Guides and Strategies - whether you are still a student or a graduate who always yearns to discover ways to improve yourself, this website proves to be a very useful guide.

  5. SkillStat's Learning Tools - mainly for health professionals, but anybody with an interest in health can also enjoy the learning tools offered in this website. The concentration of topics deals more on heart matters.

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