22 December 2006

Painful Christmas Gifts

What are you expecting to get this Christmas? Would you like a brand new iPod? How about a new cellphone? How about the latest Playstation, or who wouldn't want to wake up finding a crisp Nintendo Wii beside their Christmas trees?

'Nothing wrong with your wishlist above...except for possible injuries you might get in case you were lucky enough to have a friend or relative who will give you any of your desired gadgets.

Injuries? Yes --- tenosynovitis and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

Read here to know the how and the why-nots.

Of course, children and adults who think like children (yes, me included) will say this is nothing but a ridiculous and absurd way of spoiling the Christmas spirit. Veteran video players and obstinate SMS texters will say the health article linked above is nonsense.

But the thing is, you can't get over using these gadgets once you get them. Repetitive movements of the hand/fingers will become a must once you become obsessed with finishing off a stubborn video game level, or putting out the proud smile of a tough competitor.

Injuries will come later. A sore thumb. A swollen finger. Too much playing. I'm not even mentioning lack of sleep and forgetting you have school assignments.

So, if you don't get any of the gadgets I've mentioned above, don't fret too much. Maybe you'll get them next Christmas or on your birthday. Or maybe you'll never get them at all. Think positive --- at least, you'll be free of the risks of having RSIs and tenosynovitis.

4 reactions:

nightfox said...

true.. well, i'm actually doing a report about ergonomics. the ironic part there is i get to experience some symptoms while doing my report. hahaha

Anonymous said...

hehe, yep having constand internet access and a couple of weeks holiday is starting to take its tolls on my mouse wrist LOL.

Connie Veneracion said...

off topic, emer, sorry ha pero...

anak ng topak, i clicked the wedding photo link on the sidebar thinking you and soulmate got married at huli na naman ako sa balita... fake pala.

merry christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah sometimes nagwo-worry na rin ako kasi sumasakit ang wrist ko...sobrang kakagamit siguro ng mouse...