02 February 2007

Friday Five # 6

Welcome to 2007's first set of Friday Fives!

For new readers, Friday Fives are my personal selection of highly recommended websites which I find while surfing the web. They may deal with health, personal lifestyle, popular trivia, helpful PC tips, culture, or great hobbies.
  1. 200 Calories in Pictures - many patients and readers share with me that one of the difficulties of dieting is not being able to stick with proper serving sizes. Quantifying is a real challenge. With this website, you will get a good idea what 200 calories look like in various food items.

  2. For Men: The SuperHero Diet - we were (still is, probably) once fans of Superman, Batman, and some other great comic superhero when we were young. Suggested food items in this superhero diet will not guarantee having instant x-ray visions and superhuman strengths, but it can help improve your eyesight, mental process, and probably delay aging to a certain extent.

  3. Agent Jack Bauer's Gear - who doesn't know Jack Bauer of 24? He's the tough agent who always gets results no matter how difficult the situation is. His gear may not help you become an exceptional super-agent, but looking at them may make you wish you were.

  4. Hundreds of Health Questions Answered! - via the wiseGEEK. If ever you had that nagging medical or health question in your head but there's nobody nearby to answer you, here's the excellent website. What is HDL and LDL? Who gets Diabetes? What could cause a false positive pregnancy test? The answers are all there.

  5. 5 Great Ideas To Add Stress To Your Life - I was very amused with this website's approach in getting rid of daily stress. It is sarcasm at its finest! Excellent read. Just don't get too carried away, ok? Remember to do the opposite of the suggestions. *LOL*

1 reactions:

Toni said...

VERY helpful, Dr. E! Lalong-lalo na yun 4th link. I can spend the whole morning just reading through those questions and answers. Tapos by lunch time, hypochondriac na ako. :D