16 April 2007

Healthy Sodas

Since a soda-obesity link has been exposed a couple of years ago, giant soda corporations are now making a move to try and become more healthy.

Prepare yourselves for "healthier-sodas" loaded with vitamins.

I say as long as there's sugar overload in their contents and people continue to avoid exercising regularly, no amount of vitamins will stop those excess pounds from accumulating.

3 reactions:

bayi said...

While I don't doubt the impending introduction of a vitamin-laden soda, I doubt it will convince us that it is entirely a health drink.

duke said...

hmmmnnn... vitamin laden soda? I'm not sure if I will buy them.

ipanema said...

Sometimes it's mind-boggling what to choose in an overcrowded soda market.There are many products in disguise as health drinks.

Good post, Dr. Emer.