16 April 2007

Pacquiao Wins as Expected

No matter how you look at it, I think Pacquiao had the better body. Leaner, harder, and definitely more muscular. In boxing, if you are soft and fat, you may not make it as early as the weigh-in.

The fight yesterday wasn't really as spectacular as Pacquiao's other fights. It had its moments, but one gets that feeling of confidence that Manny will finish the fight easily. Yes, there was blood from that head-butt. But a head-butt whether accidental or intentional, is not classified as a cliffhanger in boxing. It is nothing but a distraction, and seasoned fighters like Manny can easily overcome that. And as expected, he did win the fight.

How does Pacquiao prepare for a fight? He goes to Freddie Roach's Wild Card gym in Hollywood, and there spends most of his time shadowboxing, doing numerous sparring sessions (for the Solis fight, I think he had 153 sparring rounds), skips rope, plenty of exercise to develop those finely-chiseled abs, and jogging up and down the nearby parks and mountains in the early mornings. His diet is both protein and fiber-rich. He fasts before the weigh-in to make the 130-pound cut-off. Then, he rehydrates and eats again before the fight.

His winning experience also helps. He has faced and won against the toughest Mexican boxers like Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, and so, I think the unknown but unbeaten Jorge Solis did not really faze him that much. If you've been to hell and back, there will few things that can scare you.

I also think Pacquiao is wise enough these days in picking up his fights. Most winners win because of this strategy. Especially if a win today can boost your chances in winning a congressional seat in the coming elections. Personally, I think Manny should just focus on boxing. I think he can help more people if he concentrates on his boxing career. He can also help poor boxers from suffering the sad fate of Lito Sisnorio. But that's another story.

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rolly said...

Just like you, I didn't find the fight spectacular. Umpisa palang, alam ko na na kayang kaya.

There were two things I noticed, though. Yung flag na nilagyan ng Vote Manny (pwede ba yun gawin sa flag natin?) at yung asthmatic singing ni Geneva ng Lupang Hinirang. Hanep humugot ng hininga sa bawat phrase, hehehe

bayi said...

Very strict discipline and great personal sacrifice are important keys to success in many sportsmen.

I believe you are absolutely right in your observation about Pacquiao. If he enters politics and wins (which is very likely) the world stands to lose in many ways. If he continues to stay in boxing, he can do wonders to help and inspire others.

ipanema said...

Well, he should stay put in boxing where his skills are. But please, not politics! I hope he will stay out of Philippine politics.

If it's boxing, I salute him. Politics? Nope. Keep your gloves, Pacquiao. Sus dong. :)

*ey, thanks I can post comment now. New Blogger? :)

watson said...

I am agreement with you Doc that the pambansang kamao should leave politics alone. It's not his arena. Ok ba sa pun? hehehe

pete said...

I guess Pacquiao is too drunk with success for him to realized that he is just being used by some politicians because of his deep pocket and his influence among the masses who are still mesmerized by him. Once his fame and fortune had past this politicians would not hesitate for a moment to spit him out to the sidewalk like a well chewed and already tasteless gum. He should instead concentrate on fixing his papers in the states so he can stay there permanently and to just let the financial managers at Vanguard,Fidelity,T Roweprice handle his millions so he doesn't have to sweat for a penny ever for the rest of his life.