25 June 2007

Crocodile Meat

An American coach is prescribing crocodile meat to a Filipino athlete in training so he can improve on his long jumping skills and possibly snatch a medal in the Olympics in Beijing next year:
American coach Chris Huffins swears by the effect of the queer diet that he has asked his apprentice, Filipino long jumper Henry Dagmil, to devour ounces of crocodile meat as part of his daily diet, reasoning that there’s something in the aquatic reptile that allows it to jump to a protracted distance despite its heavy weight.

"Now, Dagmil’s party are trying to find out where to get crocodile meat without infringing certain laws on the protection of animals."

There must be something wrong with the coach's reasoning there.

Does that mean if I eat an animal, I can imbibe some of its abilities?

That's amusing because I have been eating fish for a long time, and I still can't breathe under water.

My research reveals that crocodile meat is indeed becoming a bestselling "medicine" in Asia, though there is no clear elaboration what these benefits are.

According to Wikipedia, crocodile meat has a slightly higher cholesterol content than other meats. Another website says that crocodile oil or fat is used to treat a variety of ailments like asthma, burns, skin ulcers, and cancer.

As for protein content, 100 grams of roasted crocodile meat fillet contain 31 grams of protein.

Where can they go to buy crocodile meat?

They can visit Thailand, Vietnam and Australia. Eating crocodile meat seems to be kosher in those places. In the Philippines, they can go to Palawan, where there is a Crocodile Food Festival in which "Cocorocodo," is the name of an award-winning dish made of crocodile meat stewed in coconut milk.

But can it make a training athlete "leap tall buildings in a single bound?"

I doubt it. If that was the case, why not try eating frog legs?

6 reactions:

jim said...

That guy should study comparative anatomy. The reason crocs and other animals can run,jump,fly,swim better and faster than human is becuase the organs/muscles/bones that allow them to do so are more developed than that in humans through eons of evolution and adaptation to their natural habitat. Same goes for the reasons why we humans can walk upright and have the highest level of intelligence among the animal world.

Kikong Kalikot said...

Crocodiles are Government Officials in the Philippines! hehe!

bayi said...

Among other "benefits", the Chinese believe eating crocodile meat can cure asthma. I don't believe it but others do.

rolly said...

I've had a taste of crocodile meat. It wasn't tender, though. And yes, frog legs seem more logical for the purpose.

MommyBa said...

I'm not an exotic food eater. Just the thought of it makes me want to throw up. But for the purpose of the coach, I guess frog legs are more appropriate. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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