05 June 2007

Obsessed With Size?

It seems "the problem" is not really a problem, after all. Occasionally, I get questions about this from my male patients, which turn out to be a very secretive side-question, because more often than not, they consult for different and more life-threatening conditions. Among men, the condition is more common than previously thought of. It is more of an anxiety syndrome, which must be addressed with plenty of assurance.

85 percent of women, it turns out, are satisfied with their partner's proportions. Also, most women prefer a bigger width or girth than length.

What's the average size, therefore? After examining more than 11,500 men, the verdict on average erected size is 5.5 inches - 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches - 5.1 inches in width or girth.

The sensational British tabloid, The Sun, even came up with a ruler to put everything in proper perspective.

What's the reason for the insecurity? 'Watching too much lewd and indecent flicks which show unrealistic sizes and proportions.

Other myths are corrected here.

3 reactions:

BatJay said...

ako hindi ako obsessed sa size kasi malaki na talaga ang paa ko.


seriously, how do you measure girth?

Dr. Emer said...

Same thing with length, I guess... using a tape measure or ruler?

bayi said...

I think size becomes a vain obsession after one reads too much hyped up material on this issue. This would have been a non-issue if people are not so vain. But the obssession in wanting to be the best, to offer the most satisfaction has turned this into a dubious marketing scam for many. There are other ways of making ayour companion happy and satisfied with you, such as being sensitive to her needs, paying attention to her when she needs some listening to, making her feel special, etc.