02 November 2007

Are You Short and Breastfed?

`Good for you. You have lesser chances of getting cancer.

Five years of study and nine teams of researchers recently found out that:
  • Tall people have a higher risk of having cancer than short people, and hormones that influence body growth play a big part in the process.

  • Breastfeeding seems to protect both mother and child from cancer.

  • A BMI between 21 and 23 may be good for you.

  • You should learn to exercise more and make it a regular part of your daily routine.

  • Don`t touch that soda or iced tea drink! Limit eating red and processed meats, too! Learn to lessen your salt intake also.

  • Supplements will NOT help you fight cancer.

Full details here.

6 reactions:

may said...

man, i am so doomed. i am short and was only breastfed for a couple of months.

tani said...

I'm tall and NOT breastfed. :(

Dr. Emer said...

Lighten up, girls! Studies are statistical probabilities, and I bet you know that already... ;)

Char said...

Haha, I'm 5'4" and unbreastfed! ah well! :D

BabyPink said...

thanks for sharing this, doc. these times, we really need to take care of ourselves. there's been a lot of people i know who've recently died of cancer. it's scary.

bayi said...

The study mentions nothing about smoking and alcohol?