13 May 2008

$500 a Month Lying in Bed?

It's not a joke. NASA is said to be offering that kind of compensation for qualified individuals willing to undergo its Bed Rest Study.

Be sure to fill the application form if you are interested. Read the FAQ first.

If you complete the test, you'll get more than $15,000.00 as salary.

I just hope they cover you for possible bedsores and stimulate you enough to cure your boredom.

3 reactions:

Jet said...

it says the subjects are to lie in bed for 90 days in exchange of about $5000 a month. well that and you can throw in bone and muscle atrophy with it. uhmmm... no, I don't think so. not today... heh.

Anonymous said...

lying in bed all day gives me a headache. doing that for 3 months is a death sentence.

bayi said...

I agree with Mari, much as I enjoy sleeping. :)