15 May 2008

Change of Shift, Vol. 2, No. 23

Welcome to Change of Shift, a regular rounds of the best posts in the Nursing blogosphere! It is an honor to be the third physician moderator of this grand gathering. This carnival of posts comes to you live from Asia, in the Philippines!

I have always held nurses in high esteem even when I was a medical student. Sure, doctors do all the critical medical decision-making, but the nurses play critical roles in making sure that all the important clinical decisions happen. Without nurses, a doctor's life would be empty and crippled.

So, on with the show......

EDITOR's Choice Post - Do you have anything there to wipe off my tears? Blue. This is truly a heart-breaking post from MonkeyGirl.

Purely Nursing

As one goes up in the career ladder of nursing and becomes a manager, life does not become easy. Nurse Kathy of NurseConnect discovers the woes of "other duties assigned." She also promotes the need for healthcare organizations to adopt certain practices in their organization related to Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare to improve practice, patient and physician satisfaction.

Nursing work and duties can be exasperating at times. This leads to disillusionment and Nurse Laura, also from NurseConnect offers the solution of role models to relieve the seemingly overwhelming problem.

Are nursing orientations only about getting paid for sitting, studying, and reviewing? Miss-elaine-ious has beautiful thoughts on the matter.

Where do nurses come from? From equally good mother nurses, of course! Nurse Bear pays tribute to all the wonderful Mama Nurses.

Kim, my wonderful nurse-blogger friend who made this hosting possible, offers some excellent nursing pearls for the next generation of nurses.

Nursing Relaxation

Almost always, nurses and doctors are always stressed, and it is not easy to relax even someone told them to. What to do? Take the awesome advice of Mother Jones as she discovers the wonders of needles. I will surely try this one of these days!

And to complete our relaxation and rejuvenation process, try the healing benefits of Reiki, too! The mantra is this:
Just for today, do not anger
Just for today, do not worry

Other Concerns

History and Cheek Biting - sarcastic and witty post from Max E Nurse.

Electromagnetic Fields and Preemies - is there a link? Not true. Not true. Nurse Sandy tells why.

Sleeping Pill Risks
- another great post from TherapyDoc. I agree more with the alternatives like exercise and avoiding caffeinated drinks.

Brain Advice
- that organ needs some form of exercise, too!

Water Woes - yes, water. The precious liquid. Student nurse Faith ranted a mouthful and it's worth reading. I experienced this one time, too.

Heal Your Prostate - a natural recipe for men having troubles.

Web 2.0 + Medicine - is a marriage possible? Or will it end up in divorce?


That's it for this round! I hope you get to read all the posts. They're all informative and eye-opening.

It was great hosting Change of Shift! Special thanks to Kim for making this possible.

The next edition will be hosted on May 29th over at Miss-Elaine-ious RN. Be sure to send your choice posts to her.

4 reactions:

Mother Jones RN said...

Great job, Dr. Emer. Thanks for including my post!


Ninja Nurse said...

A very good compilation, thanks Doc Emer! As an oversensitive nurse, I'd have to make one minor correction. I think you overstate the case in saying "doctors do all the critical medical decision-making."

Often critical decisions are made by the nursing staff, especially on the wards at night or in a code blue situation in which we're all working desperately in a joint but semi-autonomous free for all.

Otherwise, if I'm simply a drone, I wish had simply become a ninja instead.

Otherwise, thanks for your excellent hosting, and bringing Change of Shift to a wider audience!

Sean said...

Congrats on an awesome job!!!

miss-elaine-ious said...

Awesome job!

I look forward to hosting CoS on May 29th. Take a look at my blog for instructions on submission, and ideas for posts!

Miss-Elaine-ious RN (Temp)