31 May 2008

Healthy Barack Obama

The most potential next US president is healthy according to yesterday's New York Times article quoting the Senator's primary care physician.
Senator Barack Obama, 46, was in “excellent health” at the time of his last examination more than a year ago and has no known medical problems that would affect his ability to serve as president, according to a letter by his physician released on Thursday.

Dr. Scheiner wrote that he last examined Mr. Obama on Jan. 15, 2007. That was one day before Mr. Obama created a presidential exploratory committee.

At the time, Dr. Scheiner said that Mr. Obama had no complaints, that his blood pressure was 90 over 60 and that his pulse was 60 beats a minute. Blood tests showed all his lipid measurements were within normal limits. Cholesterol was 173, HDL 68, LDL 96 and trigylcerides 44.
~ [New York Times, 30 May 2008]

With those lab result values, I say, he's even healthier than his doctor.


UPDATE on 04 June 2008 - Barack Obama makes history.

3 reactions:

James said...

Excellent! Obama's most assuredly going to be the next president. I think the perceived health of the person running is important to the American public. In fact, I think it was an importnat factor in Gore's downfall in 2000. He had gained significant weight while in the Whitehouse and while campaigning. Meanwhile, Bush was running 3 miles/day at a pace of 7min/mile. Put Obama next to an aging McCain who can't put his arms above his head, he certainly won't lose.

Suthacha_Xiang Mei said...

he is such a healthy man..

Anonymous said...

All the health in the world is not gonna make him president! Especially when you have an unhealthy mind and soul!