08 July 2008

Male Biological Clock: It Also Ticks!

Life is not so unfair, after all.

All this time, all we read and hear is how pressured women become when they reach their 30s --- and heaven-forbid, their 40s --- without a partner and child(ren). The focus had always been thrown at the female biological clock, and how it acts as some sort of deadline reminder for those who still want to enjoy the colorful life of having kids.

Even gynecologists will tell you that miscarriages often happen when the women trying to conceive are older. They usually advise would-be mothers to have kids before they turn 30 or 35. But with a new study that has recently come out, doctors might also want to focus on the age of these women's male partners.

The latest news is that men also have ticking biologic clocks.
Until now it was widely assumed that miscarriage rates largely increased with female age only, but a study into women undergoing artificial insemination with their partner's sperm has found that it can also be linked with older men. Scientists also found that pregnancy rates fell as the male partner gets older. This may reflect a decline in sperm quality in men over 40 that affects both the chances of conception and the increased risk of a miscarriage, they said.

It is the first time that scientists have discovered such a strong a paternal effect on rates of pregnancy and miscarriage and they suggest that, in future, fertility clinics should look more closely at the
age of men as well as the age of women when advising on treatment. ~ The Independent, 7 July 2008

There you go, girls.

The study suggested that men who wait until their 40s and beyond before starting a family face higher chances of seeing their women partners having a miscarriage, because of the poorer quality of their sperm.

Easier said than done, I know. Both Love and Lust have been proven to be blind many times already.
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