26 September 2008

More on China's Toxic Milk

It isn't over yet. China's toxic milk continues to affect more and more children:
Chinese provinces have reported nearly 10,000 additional cases of children who have developed kidney illnesses after drinking toxic milk formula in recent days, local media reported on Friday.

The problem was confirmed to have spread to neighboring
Japan on Friday, when Marudai Food Co. said melamine had been found in some of its recalled products made with Chinese milk, including "Cream Panda" buns, which appeal to children.

China's Ministry of Health has not issued a fresh count of infants suffering kidney problems and complications since Sunday.

It said then that
12,892 were in hospital, 104 with serious illness, and close to 40,000 others were affected but did not need major treatment.

More recent counts from province-level health authority numbers across China showed at least another
9,959 cases have been diagnosed this week with illnesses linked to the toxic milk. ~ Reuters, 26 Sept 2008

Here in the Philippines, our BFAD (our version of the US FDA), has issued a list of dairy products it is going to test:

I was surprised to see some milk products in the list I thought were imported from New Zealand and Australia. It seems there are other dairy products which used the melamine-tainted milk as raw material.

And on White Rabbit candies again. You shouldn't worry about its possible formaldehyde contamination anymore. Its manufacturers have decided to stop selling it, presumably because it is also tainted with melamine.
In Shanghai, the producer of China's popular White Rabbit Creamy Candies said it would stop domestic sales of such sweets, Xinhua news agency quoted an official as saying. The candy's producer, Guanshengyuan, had earlier recalled its exports to more than 50 countries. ~ Reuters, 26 Sept 2008
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