30 September 2008

No Painkillers

Up to 80 percent of cancer patients who undergo radiation treatment do not take medications to combat pain, a new study indicates.

Many of the patients cited
fears of addiction as well as cost as their reasons for saying no to painkillers. However, the most common reason given was that their healthcare provider had not recommended medication, according to the report. ~ Reuters, ~ 29 Sept. 2008

My approach in any therapeutic management is to take as few medications as possible. However, pain alleviation is not the same for many patients. Yes, while some can probably get on with little or no painkillers, most still prefer a constant painkiller dosage.

Maybe it will be best if management will be tailored according to each patient's unique behavior towards pain. As always, an excellent doctor-patient relationship will help a lot to attain this proposed course of therapeutic management.
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