10 April 2009

Holy Week in the Hospital

Rather than dwell on the physical agony brought about by illnesses, getting sick and being hospitalized offer a moment of internal deliberation. A moment of introspection. A time to ponder on things we easily brush aside when we are not sick and busy with the inanities of our daily lives.

That moment of reflection came to Joey Velasco when he underwent a major operation that made him lose his left kidney years ago. Like most sick people, he got depressed with his condition. But that low period in his life proved to be cathartic. He is now a new man, and his paintings speak volumes to those seeking spiritual rejuvenation. Most of his paintings are scenes from true life experiences.

Joey Velasco's paintings have been on display on the lobby of the Philippine Heart Center since two weeks ago, and will run for a week more. They are all full of emotion and thought-provoking. The timing of the exhibit coinciding with Holy Week 2009 is impeccable.

Here are some of his paintings which I liked:

Titled ATROFIA, this shows Jesus lovingly embracing an
83-year old emaciated man, whom Joey calls Mang Crispin.
Atrofia is the Spanish word for "atrophy."
Atrophy in Medicine means wasting away of a body structure
due to either nutritional deficiency or nerve damage.

Close-Up: You will see the attention to detail that Joey Velasco did in the ATROFIA painting.
The fragile and thin muscle on the arm of the old man
is securely held by the loving hand of the Savior.

Here, you see the sorrowful face of the old man finding refuge in arms of Jesus.
The crown of thorns he holds probably symbolizes his lifetime of pain.

This one is titled THAT WE MAY LIVE.
It shows a group of kids carrying the dead body of Jesus.

The pensive look on the boy's face is striking.

This one is light on the heart. It shows the strength of innocence in wanting to heal.

If you have some spare time this Holy Week and even after, I encourage you to visit and take a look at Joey Velasco's painting exhibit over at the Philippine Heart Center. The message of celebrating Holy Week is knowing that adversity can be overturned, and that resurrection from death (more often in the figurative sense) is possible.

The Art Gallery of the Philippine Heart Center
Joey Velasco: A Journey in Art and Life

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