09 April 2009

Lee Kuan Yew in Metro Manila U-Turns

Baffling. The bright thinkers at MMDA (our version of traffic enforcers) has just broken their own record for coming up with superb ideas to relieve the city's congested daily traffic. Their vision has always been chimerical.

Way back, I still remember the same incomprehensible feeling I had when I saw my first Ped Xing (short for pedestrian crossing). This time, however, I am really dumbfounded. I can NOT see any significant connection whatsoever.

Look at this:

What has Lee Kuan Yew got to do with Manila's U-Turns?

Is that even a LEGITIMATE traffic sign?

Will this help ease traffic and prevent road accidents from happening?

Even Lee Kuan Yew might find this very puzzling.
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