24 February 2004


A newspaper editorial praised presidential candidate Panfilo Lacson for advocating population control by espousing a two-child policy per family if he is elected president. The praise is largely because such a move is unpopular with the Catholic Church hierarchy and during election time, it is not wise to go against the religious vote.

So what if it is unpopular? The point is, it is logical.

We are mired in debt that is growing everyday, 19 percent of the population wants to leave this country, we do not have a decent economy, and we still want more children? Where is the sense in that?

It's hard to imagine anyone opposing restraints on population controls when it is so clear that an expanding population is an impediment to progress and development.

Overpopulation, occurs when there are so many individuals in any given area--one in which the population must subsist on their own resources and these same resources which are necessary for people survival become depleted at a rate faster than those resources can be replenished.

If I were Lacson, I will make it a one-child policy. The Philippines is already bursting at the seams with its more than 80million people population with a substantial fraction living below the poverty level. As long as the methods of population control are not as radical as the Red Chinese program of forced abortion, forced sterilization, and infanticide, I am all out to support ways to curb the growing population.

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